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Friday, January 31, 2014

Faireways and visiters

HI All, Just received this from Bev Lawes – Is it not time some more of us started visiting some of the other lonely old folk at Fairways (or numerous other institutions)

just sitting there all alone looking out the same old blank window - waiting for JUST ONE Visitor to make their day? – only takes up a little of your time one afternoon ! Mike G


From: Bev Lawes
Dear Mike


To all the wonderful people all over the people the world who have contributed to Heather Fraser,  thank you so very much! Your kindness and generosity defy words.  There is now enough in her account at Fairways to pay her bills until May, with a little left for her to spend. She had her nails cut last week and her hair cut, both of which made her feel so much better.  The Administrator at Fairways asked me to say a special thank you to everyone who donated or left gifts. I gather that there is a growing number of folk at Fairways who have no income or support and the cost of their care is covered by aid organisations or by Fairways themselves. Even sadder is the number of people who never have visitors. There are four ladies in Heather’s room who have never had a visitor in the times that Mary-Lu and I have been visiting. One of the ladies says that she has been in the frail care ward since 1999.  She is beautiful, hardly lined and smiles sweetly at everyone. Mary-Lu calls her the ‘Barbie’ lady as she waves at everyone who comes and goes, just like the Barbie doll. The surest way to reduce us both to tears is to talk about her and how she cuddles soft toys, especially a pink panther.


The news of Heather is that she in better spirits but her recovery is very slow.  She cannot walk much and it causes her huge pain. A very kind doctor has offered his services free of charge and organised x-rays which are being reviewed by the experts. We will let you know progress as soon as we have news.  She is comfortable in frail care and the nursing care is very good, with kind, caring staff.  Heather has also enjoyed the visitors she has had. A lady and her daughters came all the way from Mutare and left a hamper for her that was exquisite. Many people have left lovely gifts. Heather doesn’t show emotion easily or often but she gets tearful at the generosity and kindness that has been shown to her.   She shows us the gifts she receives and tell us as much as she can about the donors. If she doesn’t say thank you, please know that she really is very grateful.


The appeal for Heather brought so much to light, especially how many people have been helping her over the years. The vet who treated her cats for free, people who gave her lifts, food and offers of help.  This has been an amazing journey for me.  I have learned two huge lessons. One is to say thank you for my many blessings as often as I can. Thank you to everyone who has helped us!!!!!!  The other lesson is that the smallest thing I do often has the largest impact. A few words about Heather has generated so much love and caring.


Thank you also for all the memories of Heather as a teacher. I will give her the scrapbook next week. She is going to chuckle! And perhaps cry a little.


Every time I go into the frail care ward at Fairways I think  ‘I am going to get old one day’. It isn’t a rare disease or something I can avoid.  I will be wrinkled, grey and bent over and often grumpy and demanding, just like everyone else.  I don’t want to be forgotten about and neglected.  If you can relate to this, please reach out to an older person in need. It takes so little to make a difference.  I am sure that all retirement homes have their share of people who are lonely and in need.


Fairways have given me a list of the wonderful people who donated and noted their names (a few didn’t). I was going to list all the donors but perhaps it would be better if you let me know if you have donated so that I can confirm. Many people have done so already. Forgive me for not replying sooner to some e-mails. Was a bit swamped at first and then our internet went down.  I will contact everyone who e-mailed me.


Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.




Mary-Lu and Bev

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