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Friday, January 10, 2014

omments sent to Mike garden

Hi, we just spotted the old model E Class silver mercedes benz license plate number ACD 7422 that's been making the rounds on Bambazonke, it was parked outside our gate in Vainona just off Vainona school. 3 very large guys, one of them very light skinned, were inside. It seemed as if all the gardeners on the street were aware of this car because everyone was pointing at the car. We're off the the police station to report it. 6.43pm Tues 7th


I'm just emailing in about this black guy and colored guy who three weeks ago arrived at my gate in a bakkie and my gardener did not allow them but they have just pitched up again this late afternoon in a silver e class merc . I live in vainona so they doing their rounds as usual , these two need to be sorted out , god forbid they try my house again .  Matt


The now notorious three gang members came to my gate just off Ridgeway South on Friday 3rd at approx 4pm. Same description as before, two got through the gate asking about a house sale, driver remained in the light coloured car. They had previously been next door, saying they were 'looking for an indian man'. Luckily my dogs attacked them and they ran away. Is there an emergency number for Highlands Police station that we can call and hopefully get assistance from? C


What a bunch of IDIOTS, I hope they see and read this piece about the crocs, not just at Gache Gache but all over Kariba and there are some BIG ones.  They know about there being crocs in Kariba but still they act like idiots, just now we'll hear about another person taken by a croc, and doing things like this, but sorry to say,it's their own fault. I remember one houseboat trip, it was at Palm Bay, there was another houseboat that had a swimming net over the side with kids jumping in and out and the crocs were nearby, a croc could have so easily have grabbed one of those kids. Needless to say they ignored the warning they were given. It is frightening. Luckily nothing happened.  SPEECHLESS AS WELL  


I agree to this email I was up in kariba from the 27th till the 1st . An the youngsters on house boats are disgusting throwing bottles in the lake an hanging their legs over the front of boats

An how some people get off the boats when pulling the boats in silly people….Disgusting


Maybe you could suggest to parents who's children have smart phones to download an app called "Life 360". It is basically an app that checks in on each phone that is linked and is able to give a location. We use it for our family and it works well. If someone is late or unreachable it shows where last known location was. It is a great app as a security and safety feature. If parents did this they could check there kids location at any time, as long as they had a data signal, and so thus be able to monitor their irresponsible/responsible behaviour more closely.


Regarding the ZBC Licences - the police are fining $10 for not having a license.  The man who sold me mine thought it was a good idea to ask for Christmas Box, but was good tempered about the refusal - on the day the headlines were "Ghost Workers at ZBC"


Radio Licence: I went to ZBC quite a while ago and was treated very well and the person went to great lengths to explain that the licence for both TV and radio is not to allow you to listen to the radio or watch TV but allows you the right to have a radio receiver and/or a TV receiver. It has got nothing to do with what you are watching or listening to. The same law applies to two way radios and any radio communication equipment. The licence gives you the right to possess such equipment.



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