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Friday, January 10, 2014

Lake Kariba Crocs

I spent 2 weeks at our lodge across Lake Kariba over Xmas & New Year and I need to say that I am absolutely stunned by the number of idiots out there, who think that they can SIT in a deck chair IN THE WATER whilst fishing, SWIM in the bays around the Gache, STAND in the water whilst fishing, hang legs over the side of their boats and so on. HAVE PEOPLE NO IDEA HOW MANY MAN EATING CROCODILES ARE LIVING IN THE GACHE GACHE RIVER and in Kariba in general??!! They follow houseboats for the scraps, they hand around the bays waiting and watching for prey. There were several incidents at Charara and other places where crocodiles attacked people, one man was standing in his boat when he was attacked and luckily for him the croc only got his old overalls and ripped them off him in a death roll… he was left standing in shock and in the nick !! but alive… luckily.  All I can say is I’m shocked as to how dumb people can be.  SPEECHLESS

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