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Friday, January 10, 2014


Hi just to let everyone know ---they will steal anything. In Mount Pleasant at 5.30pm Christmas Eve funny noise at gate alerted family that something afoot. Rushed to kitchen at back of house, obviously disturbed intruder who promptly escaped taking with him defrosting turkey and bag of dog food.  Turkey for their Christmas lunch; dog food to throw to dogs that bark when they intrude!  What/how do they do to electric gates that have lift bar? Ray


Since the Police have been unable to catch these guys, why don’t we offer a challenge to all the security companies and see if they can catch these guys?  It would be fantastic advertising for them and boost their business.  I have often seen their cars parked on road corners (presumably ready and waiting for any emergency that may occur).  Also what about suggesting to all the victims of these thieves they -  if poss -  donate $5.00 to a “reward fund”. This “reward fund” goes to the person/s who are actively involved in catching these guys and it leads to their successful arrest!!!  The reward may even tempt a family/friend of these guys to name them and give their residential addresses.


Reckless driving: If they were my children I would certainly want to know - fortunately mine are grown-up now and not here. Name and shame the little monsters - I do believe their parents should be made aware!!


Better to have your child arrested - and all the attendant nonsense - than die and the years of recrimination that would follow.


Think its time we do use these reg numbers etc and do something about this behaviour.  I have a dash camera for such incidents and am more than happy to name and shame if i catch 

such things on camera...


NOTHING short of the attitude adopted by the Police in Australia is going to stop  this loutish and drunken behaviour here, I regret to say.  SPARE THE ROD............


Kinekor: We went to westgate and saw madea. The staff were courteous and heplful. I left my phone to charge and it was done. We went on the 20th and the staff value their customers and we would go back there.  Compliments of the season


Majority of bullies have been brought up in a bullying environment by their own parents. Father bullying mother, father bullying son and even mother bullying son. You also get female bullies!!


If the Police were patrolling the areas in question in an unmarked vehicle these people would be caught. Stopping motorists at roadblocks is too easy but the hard work seems to go by the wayside. There seem to be so many reports of the same men it would not be too hard to catch .Ex member ZRP  


Residents visa - Gordon has the correct information, but has not made it clear that the  re-entry stamp is necessary as it is only valid for 1 year, and is a separate issue to being  a permanent resident. Neil G


The overweight African gent and his accomplice have been active twice this week in Highlands late afternoon

Thursday they gained access to a property in a close off Hurworth Rd asked for some mint to help his son whilst the accomplice entered the cottage and stole cash. They came back again Saturday same time but were chased out by the domestics. Really hard to believe the Police do not know who they are?


Dear Mike , Please help, after being at Bon Marche Chisipite I developed a 'puncture' when I pulled over on Drew road a kind 'policeman' offered to assist whilst I waited for my husband who was on his way. The 'policeman' was driving an old model merc silver in color and was very convincing that I shouldn't be on my own with all the tsoties around. Whilst helping to take the spare out my boot I noticed another individual walking from the front of my car, Realising what was happening I ran to the merc to get back my handbag that had been on the floor of my honda crv. Please if anyone finds a two tone brown handbag with id, driving license etc belonging to Sheila Brown. Please contact me on 499653. I would like to thank Jane who stopped to assist me and stayed with me till my husband arrived! I have contacted Highlands police station, who were useless to say the least! I will be in contact with Bon Marche in the morning to see if they have the tyre slashers on their CCTV...Kind regards, Sheila Brown



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