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Friday, January 10, 2014

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, I am a 23 year old guy and would like to share what I have noticed in Harare in the past few months. I had been to Cleveland Dam in Msasa quite often, mostly hanging out with my girlfriend. It is true that youngsters are gathering in large numbers having their “Passa Passa” they call them. They are involved in public indecency and are always heavily drunk, ending up fighting. I am actually wondering if the police is aware of this because most of the times I have observed their absence on these huge gatherings. Parents, where are you when all these horrible things are happening????? Kind regards, kelvin.


Bad Driving - The DASH Camera a good and effective idea.   Name and shame is an effective" game".

Odd Couple: Involving the Security companies also a  good idea,  bringing  well deserved kudos in  its wake when this slippery two  are finally apprehended.     Somehow  this thing  has  a strong "odour " of complicity  to it.


Catching the Odd Couple -  Yes, let's all make an effort in the New Year to catch this scum - we're fed up with being victims of this noxious pair, who seem also to be becoming more dangerous and very threatening to domestic workers.  Suggestions - i) could someone with contacts high up in the Police please ask why there doesn't appear to be police support for this exercise - Police files must be full of reports on them. We need a hotline to a security vehicle that always has petrol and will come at a moment's notice. ii) Let's try to get good photographs of them - I think there was someone in Greendale last week who caught them on their security camera, opening and closing a gate.  If we can get a photo let's blow it up and put posters around the place asking for info and offering a reward - also try to get their pictures published in a local newspaper, with the same reward offer.  iii) if no photo is possible, how about getting one of those artists who can get a likeness of them to draw them .  iv) They obviously have access to a variety of vehicles, so surely they are connected with one of the many second-hand car outfits around the place, probably in the Highlands/Greendale area which seems to be their main hunting ground.  Many car number-plates have been recorded - if put together and studied by a Sherlock Holmes, these must tell a story ......  v) The best idea of all is offering a reward for their identification and whereabouts - is there anyone out there who would act as treasurer and compiler of data if we all contribute?  vi) Let's give them a great name, along the lines of Bonny & Clyde, so that we make them infamous and get people talking - Fatty & Skinny, Mafuta & Tetepa, Darky and Lighty, Gororo & Makororo, Hunk & Junk - any other suggestions? Signed:  Twice Bitten 


The Odd Couple: Here here I agree totally and more than willing to donate towards a “reward fund”; my home having been targeted many months ago.  Unbelievable that they are  still on the prowl and they must be  laughing all the way as they appear to be able to steal with such ease. I think they must be mates of the Police force or actual police themselves seeing that the Police have no interest at all in catching these two jokers/conmen. They came to my Highlands house about 7 months ago and can’t believe they haven’t been arrested.


We were victims of the same team as you have mentioned. The men were waiting until we had gone out and then told our domestic that they had something to deliver to the “boss”.   While he was talking to him at the main gate (gate motor stolen on  previous robbery…not replaced)  the ‘other’ team jumped the wall to ‘steal’ into the house and went straight to my bedroom and rummaged and stole jewelry.

My gardener heard our dogs barking and went to investigate and saw intruders in the house. He locked them inside the house only to have them kick in the door and knock my domestic out.

Luckily we had locked most of the inter-leading doors.  I am sure they would have had a better field day had our domestics not ‘wised’ up that they were being side-tracked. Could have been worse, but they are still the same gang that we had break into our house last year….!?  These guys are well spoken and professional in their endeavours to hoodwink our workers. Beware…the police need to be more vigilant. Kind regards Elaine Mt. pleasant.


Hi Mike, in answer to Ray's question about electric gates. On most pedestrian gates, one can put a crowbar between the pedestrian gate and the frame and simply pop open the pedestrian gate, this would be difficult with a diagonal design gate, but with a vertical design gate it is very easy to do. Also if you have a Centurion gate motor and a person has access to the lock to put it on manual operation, one key fits and opens any centurion gate motor so anybody who has access to the lock and has a key can open your sliding gate lift bar or not. if you have a see through electric gate anybody could quite easily break off the rack with a tyre iron, also very easily done. Regards Andrew.

So sorry Sheila my bag was stolen from inside the church during a service on 22nd Dec.  – whilst I  was praying they were “preying” on me.   Thankfully a very kind African lady has since phoned me as she found my  stolen bag chucked over a yard in Marlborough – Praise God that all my essentials (prescription glasses, original driver’s licence etc.) were recovered but naturally my new phone and monies gone.   Hope Bon Marche will have these guys on their CCTV which will help lead to the recovery of your bag and arrest and of these petty thieves.


Hit and Run Chisipite - Hi Mike - i actually saw this incident happen - the culprits swung out far too far back from their parking - hit this elderly mans mercedes - i actually was about to park as  it happened right in front of me. There was a white  man driving about 30 years old and a girl next to him about the same age in a white landcruiser.  After hitting this car the driver nonchalantly carried on eating his biltong he had obviously just bought from the butcher.  I actually sat there for a minute  watching what they would do - if they had driven away i would have certainly followed them but they went a little further and parked the landcruiser about ten metres away so i presumed they were going to do the right thing and wait for the owner of the vehicle.  I didnt actually  see them get out the car but bec they had pulled over - again -  i presumed they were definitely going to go back and sort it all out with the owner of the mercedes.


Once i had parked i stood there looking at the landcruiser and satisfied it had stopped i went into the butcher. When i came out the poor man was telling the vendors and i think his son that someone had reversed into him.   I spoke to the man and he said that the vendors had taken  the guilty partys cell  number and i thought he said that they had also taken the number plate.  Obviously they didnt because if they had the registration number there is no doubt they could trace it back and catch these culprits .

Despicable that someone would give false names and cell numbers - if they are driving a landcruiser they can certainly afford to pay for expenses.



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