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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Danger - energy drinks

Had a truly frightening experience with my teenage son over the weekend which feel other parents should probably be made aware of  - purchased an XXX Energy drink for him in Westgate (I don't normally let my kids have any energy or fizzy drinks so was a "treat") and we were on our way home when he said "Mom my chest really hurts" - this was within about 5 minutes of  him drinking approximately a quarter of the drink - he then had considerable difficulty breathing and his entire body flushed bright red yet his skin was cold and clammy - fortunately was around the corner from one of the emergency rooms so was able to get him seen to very quickly.


It's frightening to think that less than 100mils can cause such an extreme reaction - life threatening if the child or young adult is not able to get medical attention almost immediately.  Have now banned all energy drinks for my children and their treat will be an occasional Coke or Fanta - definitely NO ENERGY drinks



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