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Monday, January 20, 2014


Over the holiday period someone noted young adults/teens hanging out of car windows....... We were horrified today (Sunday at about 5.30pm) to see along the Alpes - Golden Stairs stretch of Harare Drive, a black double cab type vehicle with a child hanging out of the back window talking to an adult in the front. The simplest of things such as logic and safety starts with us as adults leading by example. Concerned for the future.


I was robbed by the “silver Mercedes gang” Sunday 5.30pm, Greystone Park. I POSITIVELY identified one of the criminals on file at the Borrowdale Police Station CID.

They have a photograph on file & know all details on this gang!


Everyone- on the zbc licensing there is a way around it. I install car audio systems as a small hobby and so have done this myself. It does cost money to do at first but will save year after year when you dont have to pay zbc licensing.  If you truly enjoy your music and you are tired of paying the yearly costs of licensing etc you can do what i did. You throw out your radio, get a small cheap car amplifier and wire that to your speakers. The input of the amplifier however is not fed by your radio but rather fed by a 3.5mm jack to RCA cables that fit in the amp. The jack then connects to all mp3 players or smart phones etc and you play music from your mp3 player directly. The gaping hole in your dash from the radio can be covered up by another small storage compartment.

ZBC law dictates that as long as you have a "receiver"(cd player) you have to pay the fine. An aireal is not a receiver. And a car amplifier is also not a receiver. So this way you get your quality loud music but you dont have to pay the fine. It will cost more than 30 dollars to do this job but year after year you will save.


The three Musketeers;   The Northern Suburbs have Security Guards in many houses, while policing the area is not their brief they could be helpful by calling their companies to say that these chaps are lurking around .  We have bobbies on bikes in our area Highland/Chisipite not sure if they have any value except to tell me to put my well behaved dogs in a lead.(on the alert after three visitations in 2011/2012)


Exhall Road Bridge: Woke up to some noises and on investigation saw it was an emergency taxi loading soil into sacks and into their vehicle. Yes it’s now the sack potato growers. I confronted them and told them never to come back again. my gardener told me he saw three men yesterday doing the same thing. The dumping seems to have stopped and while i was thinking we now have to contend only with the dust from the racing drivers on Exhall road another problem surfaces. I pray for the day when all this ends and we live in peace


Just thought some more about this particular readers comment on visiting an old age home. I'm really touched by the fact that there are indeed people who do not get any visitors and presumably do not get out much. In other countries I've heard about the 'adopt a granny / grandpa' initiative, which indeed would mean visiting an elderly on a regular basis. Is this something that all these old age homes mentioned support, and how would one go about that?


My son was home today and told us about the following incident.    These men have been to us several times and have taken a mac computer and an ipad before ( we are  pretty sure it was them) 

We are keeping our gate locked now. We live on Kerfield Lane in Borrowdale.


Small black 4 door car license plate ACC 6024.  3 black men

1st guy- who entered property was smartly dressed, smartish jeans and a formal work shirt, pale blue in color. He was about 5’11’’ thinnish. 1st impression was that he was around on business, smart clothes were there to through you off. He knew about the neighbours and started asking about them while he was walking back to the gate. He had entered very quietly, hoping to go unnoticed into an unlocked part of the house. When he got back out the gate he started asking questions about the neighbours to his partner- clearly they had rehearsed this scheme.

2nd guy-  was looking around the fence line outside. He was roughly the same height but a larger (fatter) build and a much darker skin.

3rd guy- was the driver and not seen.

I followed them back outside and as they reached their car a neighbours maid heard them saying “go, go, go, go”.

They were clearly opportunists looking for homes easy to get into. I believe they are also known as ‘the odd couple’.




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