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Monday, January 20, 2014

British Passport Applications and information


In 2006 the National Audit Office recommended that the FCO and HM Passport Office (formerly Identity and Passport Service) look at ways of reducing costs, reducing the security risks associated with transporting large volumes of passport books internationally and merging of the UK and overseas passport services.


With passport fraud and identity theft on the increase, the way we issue passports had to change to safeguard personal identity and ensure that UK passports continue to meet both international security and quality standards.  All passports produced now have more sophisticated security features designed to reduce the likelihood of identity theft and passport fraud.  It is therefore not affordable to print these new passports overseas.


The first phase of centralising passport production was implemented in 2009 with production moving to Pretoria.  On 28 October 2013 when the full operation moved to the UK, Zimbabwe remained the only Post open to passport customers, out of all the British embassies/high commissions in the 40 Sub-Saharan African countries.  20 January 2014 will see completion of the passport transition with Zimbabwe customers now applying directly to the UK.  Harare Consular Section will however remain a Collection Centre for receiving the new passports and applicants’ supporting documents.


Through the successful transition of the overseas passport process to Her Majesty’s Passport Office:

-          The applicant now receives a consistent, trusted, secure, efficient and cost-effective service;

-          HMG saves money;

-          Our borders are more secure.


This global change will free up consular staff to devote more time to supporting and assisting the more vulnerable customers.



1.       Application process

-          Forms

The correct form to use is the OS form.  It has no barcode


-          Fees     

32 pages              £128

48 pages              £154.50

Child                      £81.50


-          Courier

Customers are free to use whatever secure means they wish, and that can be any courier or registered postal service where the applicant is able to track their application to the UK and HMPO at address below:


HM Passport Office
Millburngate House
DH97 1PA


2.       Payment instructions

Customer must complete a credit/debit card form with their personal payment details that should be submitted together with their passport application.  A separate form for each passport application is required and the credit or debit card will be charged in sterling – please note that the payment will be processed by Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the UK.

Only MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Diners Club and JCB are accepted.  If you do not have a credit/debit card, kindly ask family or friends to use their card details then reimburse them.  Passport fees should no longer be deposited into the British Embassy Standard Chartered account.


3.       Supporting Documents

We put a case forward about proof of residence but HMPO is still looking into it.  Utility bills and bank statements are not acceptable.  At the moment they seem to accept letters from the employer, doctor and for children they want proof of parents’ address.  They appear to want a copy of the countersignature’s passport.  To check further details on the website.


4.       Progress checks on application

To check on the progress of passport applications, please call the Passport Information Line on +44 300 222 0000.  Consular Section can no longer give status updates. 


5.       Complaints procedure

To comment on or complain about the passport service you can email the HM Passport Office Customer Service Team directly at  


6.       Passport collection

Consular Section is open for passport collections Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 10.30 am


7.       Telephone Enquiries

Consular Section no longer takes telephone enquiries.  Calls are forwarded to a Call Centre in Malaga, Spain.  The objective was to free up consular staff to focus on consular work as much time was spent answering passport queries. 


For general enqueries please call 8585 5200 and follow the switchboard instructions.  Dial 2 for Consular Assistance.  Dial the same number for Emergencies

For passport related queries please call the Passport Information Line on +44 300 222 0000 or email the  
Historically, the Embassy has acted as a post box by accepting fees and forwarding applications for registration, naturalisation and renunciation to the Home Office.  From 16 July 2012 applicants will now apply direct to UKBA.  The Embassy will no longer be responsible for accepting applications for Home Office registration, naturalisation and renunciation.  The Embassy will however continue to arrange the citizenship ceremonies.
Application process
The Embassy can no longer answer enquiries about eligibility, fees, application process or progress.  Applicants should visit the relevant section of the UKBA website or contacts listed below:
For information about gaining or renouncing British nationality:
For advice before an application is submitted or information about the progress of an application already submitted:
Email or alternatively use the telephone help lines  0845 010 5200 (UK calls only) +44 151 672 5626 (Overseas callers)
All applications made outside the UK for naturalisation, registration and renunciation must be made by the applicant direct to UKBA at:
UK Border Agency
100 Old Hall Street
1st Floor Plaza
L3 6QJ
United Kingdom
Applicants are encouraged to use courier services wherever possible in order to ensure the safe delivery of documents
For information about fees and how to pay:
NB The Embassy will not accept any nationality fees – applicants must pay UKBA direct by cheque, bankers draft or credit card paid in pounds sterling.
UKBA queries
UKBA will contact applicants direct if they need further information or clarification. However, if UKBA is unable to contact the applicant by phone or email they will forward letters to the Embassy for onward transmission to applicants.  Applicants are encouraged to include an up to date email address with their application where possible.
UKBA document verification
Applicants must send their original documents to UKBA.  Applicants may request the return of their documents before the conclusion of their application by contacting UKBA.  Details are at:
A number of countries and territories do not allow passports to cross national borders.  In these cases UKBA will ask applicants to submit a complete copy of their passport certified by a local notary.  The Embassy is not allowed to make certified copies of foreign identity documents including passports or GRO documents.
Countries and territories that do not allow original passports to cross national borders:
Bangladesh (tbc)
Nepal (tbc)
North Korea
Western Sahara
If further verification of documents is needed, UKBA will arrange for documents to be checked by the closest UKBA office.
Citizenship ceremonies
When UKBA has made their citizenship decision, UKBA will forward the decision letter and certificate of citizenship together with the original supporting documents to the nearest Embassy for them to arrange the citizenship ceremony and to return the documents to the applicant.
Adult/Child First Time Passport Applications received in ZIMBABWE
OS form duly completed
2 colour photos (one countersigned at the back)
Applicant’s original contemporaneous birth certificate
Applicant’s original marriage certificate
Applicant’s original change of name documents
Applicant’s original registration/naturalization certificates  
Applicant’s original divorce documents
Applicant’s valid Zimbabwe (or other) Passport or
Applicant’s photographic Identity Document – National ID or driver’s license
If you claim citizenship through your parent(s) and/or Grandparents, we also need to see their:
Original contemporaneous birth certificate
Original marriage certificate
Original change of name documents
Original registration/naturalisation certificate (if applicable) 
Original divorce documents
Copy of valid British passport (if applicable) 
Copy of original photographic Identity Document – National ID or driver’s license
Passport/s at time of applicant’s birth and 12 month prior to birth
Additional ID supporting documentation
Evidence of travel from country of birth
Antenatal/hospital records
Parents’ wedding photos
Birth/Progressive photos
Family photos
School reports/letter from school with attached photo
College certificates
Evidence of contact
Evidence of being born in the UK (as applicable)
Emergency Travel Documentation issued by any country
Parental consent letter
Proof of residence
Renewal/Lost & Stolen Passport Applications
OS form duly completed
2 colour photos (one countersigned at the back)
Parental consent letter (for child)
Previous Passport (renewal only)
Police report (LS only)
LS01 (LS only)
Copy of lost/stolen passport if available (LS only)
Renewal & Lost/Stolen Additional ID Supporting Documentation
Any documents that show claim to British Citizenship
Any Zimbabwean/other country ID or PPT held
Progressive photographs (for child)
Any further additional ID documents deemed necessary by the Passport Officer
You may be called for interview in relation to your Passport Application. Please ensure that you give valid contact details on your application form.






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